Day 1 – Countdown to Christmas – Today, I wish for you …

Today is Friday, December 1, 2017, and the first day of the 24-day countdown until Christmas which I wrote about yesterday.

I will be posting an inspirational message each day with an idea, suggestion, story, etc. that would help to add excitement and anticipation to the holiday. 

So, on this first day:

Today, I wish for you to purchase or create a meaningful ornament to hang on your Christmas tree or use as a keepsake. Here is the reason why. 

Around this time every year I think about what the general theme of my life has been over the last 11 months or so and then I look for the perfect ornament that symbolizes that for me.

For example, a few years ago I lost my eyesight and was blind for three months. During that period I was never really sure if I would ever be able to see again. It was a very difficult time, to say the least, but in spite of it all, I kept imagining what it would feel like on the day when I opened my eyes and I could see again. I imagined how I would feel when I looked into the eyes of the people I loved and saw their smiling faces looking back at me. I went over and over in my mind what it would be like to walk all by myself again in the world and experience the amazing things that I had taken for granted before, as if they would always be there. I did this until I felt immense JOY at the possibility of it happening with tears streaming down my face and of course, it finally did.

That Christmas I spotted a beautiful ornament in a charming store of a person with their arms raised high above their head and wide open carrying the word JOY and I knew that ornament was for me. I purchased it without a second thought and hung it on my tree. Now, every year as I hang it there again, I remember that feeling of pure joy and I am reminded never to take anything in this precious world for granted ever again.

So, let me ask you, what has been the most significant thing that has happened in your life this year? It could be that you accomplished something you felt was beyond your reach, but you did it. Well, congratulations on your success! I urge you to celebrate it and give yourself the recognition you deserve. Hang a special ornament that will touch your heart every time you look at it and make you feel good about who you are and what you are becoming. 

Some of you may have experienced the loss of a loved one and would like to cherish their memory. A friend of mine passed away recently who loved red cardinals and every time one landed near her, it always comforted her. She felt it was a message of good luck. I remembered her telling me about it and how much it meant to her and so last year I purchased a beautiful red cardinal Christmas ornament. I always feel connected to her again the moment I hang it on my tree. It is as though she is watching over me and smiling.

The wonderful thing about this magical ritual is that we get to experience these memories every year at Christmas and cherish them over and over again. 

I highly recommend that you treat yourself this year to your own meaningful ornament. Your heart will thank you for it.

I wish you a magical Christmas tree full of ornaments that give great meaning and purpose to your life and reflect the light that you are right back to you.

Love and blessings, 









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