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To be aware means to be conscious, to recognize, to be sensitive to, to grasp the meaning of, to perceive, and to appreciate.

Someone said something to me this morning that touched me deeply. They said it as a passing comment, as if they said it all the time and didn’t realize what they were actually saying, but to me, it meant the world. They used the exact words that I really needed to hear, the words I had been praying to hear, and they said it at just the right moment and then moved on.

I wonder if any of us realize just how much our words and our actions affect other people. How something we may say to someone waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting next to on the bus, may be a life changing or altering moment, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not-so-good.

To the person who has been feeling afraid and alone and wondering if life is still worth living, your kind words of caring, even in just wishing them a wonderful day, but saying it from your heart, touching them gently on their shoulder and looking into their eyes, may change their mind and even save a life. Body meets body. Soul greets soul. Think about it.

We are all messengers for each other and there are no accidents in the universe. So, today remember that and move about your day more aware and conscious of who just may have a message for you, if you are ready and willing to listen.

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