Launch of New E-Book

Today, I have launched my new e-book on Amazon entitled:

TODAY, I WISH FOR YOU – Inspiration, Happiness, Love, Insights, Kindness, Abundance, Passion, Appreciation, Joy, Prosperity, Free Money. 30 DAYS of inspirational words to uplift, comfort and inspire. Kindle Edition

You can purchase it at the following link:


PLease let me know which are your favorite wish days in the e-book by commenting below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Love and blessings, Veronica Hay


  1. Jim Bird’s avatar

    I love your new e-book. Especially loved Days 3, 9, 23, and 27. It really did touch my heart and made me think about what is really important. I feel inspired and uplifted and truly encouraged now to follow my dreams and live my life in a more loving and compassionate way. I am going to purchase this book as gifts for all my friends and family. It is something they can read every day and feel supported and inspired. Veronica, you are a truly wonderful and gifted writer. Thank you, for sharing your gifts with the world. Sincerely, Jim Bird

  2. Jeannie Lawler-Lunn’s avatar

    I loved them ALL! I have a question. Are you planning to have this in paperback form in the future? I would love to have a hard copy to pick and up read again and again. I would also love to be able to give this in hard copy as a gift to family and friends. The Little Book of Christmas Pleasures is a book that I have out every December. Neither I nor my guests ever seem to tire of picking it up and re-reading. Your book feels like this to me. I really hope you will make it available in that format. It would be a timeless treasure to give and receive.

    1. vhay’s avatar

      Thank you, Jeannie, for taking the time to write this comment. I am thrilled to hear that you love all the days in my new ebook and would like to purchase a print version. I just wanted to let you know that it is now available in Paperback from Amazon at the following link: and yes, it would make a wonderful and long-lasting Christmas gift. Enjoy.

      Love and blessings, Veronica

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