Today, I wish for you – Monday, February 5, 2018

Today, I wish for you to thank someone who has made a difference in your life. That special person who has been there for you during a difficult time and helped you to move through it.


“Sometimes in spite of all our plans and intentions,
life throws us a curve, one that we were not expecting,
and in the end, it is not the plans that save us, but the love, kindness and understanding from another soul who has
chosen to walk with us on this journey, for even just a little while, so that the burden can be lighter, another being who
has agreed to remind us of who we really are, when the pain
and tears have blinded us from that truth.” ~Veronica Hay


Who has been that other soul for you? Is it time to let them know?
What are you waiting for?

Love and blessings, Veronica









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