Today, I wish for you – Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Today, I wish for you to never stop believing. Don’t think of giving up. You’ve come too far. Help is on the way. Hope looms tall and strong.

Wonder is at hand. Joy waits in the shadows. Happiness is a given. Peace comes dressed in miracles.

Life begins again, greater than before…

Take bigger steps.
Breathe larger breaths.
Sigh louder sighs and…


Have a magical day.

Love and blessings, Veronica








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  1. Ezequiel Caetano Ferreira’s avatar

    Today, I wish for you, that whatever happens on your way, you continue to be blessed with all the light and inspiration to keep moving and continue writing these words that have touched so many lives. Today, I wish for you, a simple and quiet day!

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